On-Location Models


Mr. Robinson is a graduate of Columbia University Law School in New York City. Soon after, he founded On-Location Models. Since then, On-Location Models has represented and managed over

800 models. Although On-Location Models handles all modeling assignments, most of the bookings are for national print advertisements.

On-Location Models was founded and registered by Ray Robinson on Thursday, April 4th., 1985. The agency was located on W. 30th. Street - just 2 blocks away from Madison Square Garden. This is still the heart of New York City's fur district.

James McQuay Furs, Hatzis Furs and Antonovich Furs were quite popular at that time. These were the first furriers On-Location Models became acquainted with.

Mr. McQuay educated Mr. Robinson about furs, the specialty of female furs, pelts, fur jackets, fur coats and reversible furs!

The first male model, David Roberson, was  booked from On-Location Models by Mr. Richmond Thegg, an account executive at the well-known black advertising agency at that time being JP Martin Associates. The print advertisement was for King Cobra Beer - a product from Anheuser-Busch. This was the first print ad On-Location Models landed. Things took off from there.