On-Location Models


Educating our models about the-business-of-modeling is paramount to us. The more educated a model is about this business, the better a model can function in this business. Such a model would be proficient about how this modeling industry truly operates. Thus, the model can avoid certain pitfalls.

Perhaps you have been doing a lot of photo sessions, music videos, fashion shows, runway shows, hair shows, flyers for nightclubs, promotional modeling and other modeling assignments. If so, most of the pay has not touched $1,000 per modeling assignment. We at
THE AGENCY want to give you a little food for thought.

Most PRINT ADVERTISEMENTS pay a ‘minimum’ of $1,500 for a
half-day booking. This means you work for 3-5 (and half) hours for that amount of pay. Many PRINT ADS pay $4,000 to $50,000 for a one-day booking. You can’t earn that from doing promotional modeling at the rate of pay being $50 per hour for 8 hours which totals $400 for that day.

On-Location Models is an independently owned modeling firm. Currently we represent 87 models that reside within the United States.

On-Location Models, aka “THE AGENCY”, has been in existence since 1985. OLM was located in Tower One of the World Trade Center. Then we relocated to Houston, TX. Business is also handled out of Atlanta-GA, Charlotte-NC, Chicago-IL, Miami-FL, Dallas-TX and Los Angeles-CA.

The Agency specializes in getting its’ models booked for national print ads. We do handle all modeling bookings. However, we concentrate more on print ads because the pay is much higher than other modeling bookings.

Being in business for 31 years,
On-Location Models is recognized as being the oldest Black-owned modeling agency in the United States, as awarded by the Chamber Of Commerce in 2014.